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2021 AAa/e President’s Message

Dianne Lee
Executive Director,

It is with honor and privilege that I assume the position of President of this great association in 2021. I would like to applaud and express my gratitude to all the Past Presidents who have come before me, without them AAa/e wouldn’t have the reputation, brand recognition and most importantly respect of the entire A/E/C industry.

In continuation of President HongJoo Kim’s (HongJoo Kim Landscape architects) 2020 message of planting the seeds towards growth and prosperity, I would like to leverage the path he has established by enhancing these initiatives into 2021.

I have identified three objectives that are near and dear to my heart.

#1 To continue to be the organization of choice that delivers up to date information on capital improvement programs, an organization that provides direct access to public agency owners and a place for professional and personal education, mentorship, networking and growth.  

#2. As the past program chair for 2019 and 2020 I have challenged the incoming program chair to host a series of women in construction webinars. I am encouraging the committee to seek out women in construction in leadership roles representing various markets from aviation, healthcare, education, public agencies and transportation. There is without a doubt a lack of representation of women in the industry and it is my personal goal to enhance their contributions and to give them a voice.

#3. As AAa/e continues to grow its member base, we will capitalize on our platform to transform our community and industry by welcoming a more diverse and inclusive group of industry professionals. We must advocate a culture that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion by actively attracting new members regardless of gender, race, religion, age, or other factors. 

As an organization we have a tremendous responsibility and platform to represent the best of humanity. Everyone has a role to play in conquering this pandemic, up rise in racism and inequality.   Now is definitely the time to address these issues. We want to be the kind of organization that is an example of the kind of leadership the nation should want to emulate. Yes, all of this will impact how we do business and will forever change our industry but I am confident that AAa/e will continue to stay focused on what the industry needs and how to best serve our loyal members.

I am hopeful that we will find common ground and that we will continue to harness what this community is best known for which is good old fashion ingenuity, resilience, hard work, innovation and compassion which we have consistently shown in challenging times.  Like the rising Phoenix that emerges from the ashes, we will emerge from this together, stronger, and better.


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